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Archaeological excavation!

Year 3 were lucky enough to be archaeologists for the afternoon! The weather was kind to us and we deployed a range of tools to take turns digging and sifting in the hopes of finding some beaker pottery. With our findings we will use it to write a response letter to an "ex-pupil" who informed us of the rumours of the beaker pottery!

Recent posts

Year 3 had a fabulous afternoon creating clay tiles which they then engraved with images of animals that have previously been found in caves around the world. Horses, goats, mammoths and deer were just a few designs the children chose to copy. They produces some great designs. Take a look!

Year 3 have been learning about different types of rocks. Granular, crystallised and fossilised. We looked at the formation of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. The children were given an assortment of rocks and were asked to group the rocks according to their appearance. We then sorted the rocks correctly and the children were excited to see if their predictions were correct.

3C Tribal Tales Assembly

As we begin our Tribal Tales topic, we'd like to share some pictures of our performance. Well done to all the children in 3C who got into the stone age spirit and displayed some fantastic acting!